Tokyo Ballistic War Vol.2 - Cyborg High School Girl VS. Cyborg Beautiful Athletes 2009

The story takes place in the alternate world slightly different from ours. In United Republic of Great Japan; which has become the world’s strongest nation; it is reported that a new breed of athletes is setting a phenomenal new world record, winning every sports game. Prompted by the pressure from other nations, the organization that supervises the country’s sports events, decides to look into the matter; but the entire investigation team goes missing just when it started the mission. What the investigation team witnessed was “Athlete-roid. Koumoto executive director of Great Japan Heavy Industries is planning to dominate the world market for special military-use robots by promoting the army of invincible “Athlete-roid.”...

The Bold and the Beautiful 1987

Continuing drama combining romance and intrigue set against the glittering backdrop of Beverly Hills and the American fashion industry.

Beautiful You 2015

This is the story of various characters who learn about love, courage, healing and savior in the name of ‘family’ who stand by your side in times of hardships. This drama is a beautiful love story which will comfort your exhausted soul.

Beautiful People 2005

Beautiful People is an American drama television series about a family that moves from New Mexico to The Big Apple to make a fresh start on their lives. The series aired on the ABC Family Network from August 8, 2005, to April 24, 2006, lasting sixteen episodes. Its executive producer was Paul Stupin, who played the same role for Dawson's Creek. Both Daphne Zuniga and Torrey DeVitto later appeared on the fifth and sixth season of One Tree Hill as major recurring roles, although they never shared any screen time.

The Most Beautiful Goodbye 2017

An ordinary middle-aged woman has devoted her life to her family. She is diagnosed with terminal cancer and must prepare her goodbye to her family.

You're Beautiful 2009

You're Beautiful is a 2009 South Korean romantic comedy television drama series, starring Park Shin-hye, Jang Keun-suk, Lee Hong-ki of F.T. Island and Jung Yong-hwa of CN Blue. It is about a fictional boy band A.N.Jell and the relationship between its members when a female, posing as her twin brother, joins the group. It aired on Seoul Broadcasting System from October 7 to November 26, 2009 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes. The series has been posted on SBS's YouTube channel. A Japanese remake of this drama was released in Japan in July 2011 as Ikemen desu ne, and included a cameo appearance by Jang in Episode 8 as his Japanese counterpart, Gunsoku. A Taiwanese remake, Fabulous Boys, was broadcast in 2013, which includes a cameo appearance by Park Shin-hye.

Dead Beautiful 2010

As group leader of the Judicial Police in Paris, Martin is responsible for investigating the most atrocious and misogynistic crimes committed against society. Distrustful of everyone, he bears the marks of both his past successes and failures. Luckily, the ladies in his life are on hand to assist him.

Beautiful Mind 2016

Lee Young-O is an excellent neurosurgeon with zero sympathy. One day, he becomes involved in bizarre patient deaths. He also falls in love and recovers his humanity.

The Beautiful Neighbor 2011

A sudden encounter between a gracefully attractive but mysterious woman, Saki, and an ordinary housewife, Eriko, who has a happy family, causes Eriko's serene daily life to fall apart. Eriko's husband, Shinji becomes the target of Saki's advances and finds himself caught between her and his wife.

My Beautiful Bride 2015

This drama is about a husband, Kim Do Hyung who desperately searches for his wife, Yoon Joo Young who suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, Cha Yoon Mi is the detective on the case who helps him along the way.

Beautiful Charm 2010

Cazibe, an Azerbaijani immigrant, marries Kemal to become a Turkish citizen. Ms. Gül who deals with illegal marriages arranges this marriage which will last for 3 years according to the agreement. Kemal receives 10,000 Turkish liras from Cazibe. But Kemal has a girlfriend, Simge, who is the daughter of Kemal's boss. Kemal's boss does not know that Kemal and his daughter are in a relationship. Simge thinks that Cazibe is Kemal's maid. However, Ejder is the foreign marriage detective and he is trying to find proof that Cazibe only married Kemal to become a Turkish Citizen. The word "Yahşi" comes from Azerbaijani and means "beautiful, nice, attractive". "Cazibe" means seduction.

Beautiful People 2008

Beautiful People is a British comedy drama television series based on the memoirs of Barneys creative director Simon Doonan. The series takes place in Reading, Berkshire, in 1997, where thirteen-year-old Simon Doonan and his best friend Kylie dream of escaping their dreary suburban surroundings and moving to cosmopolitan London "to live amongst the beautiful people." The first episode aired on BBC Two on 2 October 2008 and recorded overnight ratings of 1.5 million viewers and positive critical reaction. Episodes are self-contained, but do follow a loose story arc throughout the course of each series. The second and final series finished airing on 18 December 2009.

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds: A Voyage Into The Brain was a 2006 documentary on super-talented savants. Prof. Gerhard Roth of the University of Bremen in Germany, and Dr. Darold Treffert of the University of Wisconsin Medical School in USA introduced savants from different countries. They were Howard Potter, Orlando Serrell, Kim Peek, Matt Savage, Stephen Wiltshire, Temple Grandin, Alonzo Clemons, Christopher Taylor, and Rüdiger Gamm. It has been broadcast in more than 20 countries including Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, and USA. The documentary consisted of three episodes: Episode 1: Memory Masters Episode 2: The Einstein Effect Episode 3: A Little Matter Of Gender It was produced in 2006 by colourFIELD tell-a-vision, a German company.

Beautiful City 2016

A five-star hotel located in Antalya, Turkey has been inherited by Ardeshir Rouhafza and his wife from his late uncle. The uncle’s attorney has suggested that they sell it. Both Ardeshir and his wife noticed that recently, the hotel and its personnel were under a disorderly condition due to not having a manager available. They decide to change this situation and not to make any hasty decisions. Meanwhile, their daughter and son-in-law anonymously enter the hotel accompanied by their children and after a few minutes from their arrival, they notice everything and try to inform the parents without creating a scene. On the other hand, the hotel personnel realize the consequences of their wrongful behavior and become worried about losing their jobs after the family meeting. Therefore, they decide to accept the attorney’s offer and convince the Rouhafza family to sell the hotel. If so, not only they would be able to keep their jobs, but also they would be rewarded with a generous commission. Nonetheless, the new owners decide to face each problem positively and not to withdraw. This is how the story begins.

The Beautiful Life: TBL 2009

The daily lives of young models living together in a models' residence in New York, while struggling to deal with the cutthroat competition and fleeting fame of the fashion world.

Beautiful People

Beautiful People is a television pilot written by Michael McDonald and directed by Stephen Hopkins for NBC. The series was meant to set in the near future in a society where humans co-exist with mechanical androids that look like people but are treated like second-class citizens. The pilot didn't make it to series.

A Love So Beautiful 2017

It tells the love story of two childhood sweethearts that spans 19 years. Chen Xiao Xi is a cute and small girl with a lot of positive energy. She gets to know Jiang Chen, a tall and proud genius boy, at school and tries everything to pursue him. The drama depicts the beautiful and pure heart throbbing love of seventeen years olds, but also delves into the topic of making mistakes andhow to find back to each other again.

The Beautiful Lie 2015

Anna is happily married. She has the perfect family. But one man will change it all. A grand, complex love story of love, lust and betrayal across three families and generations.

Beautiful Trio

Beautiful Trio is a Chinese language drama broadcast on Singapore's largest television network, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. The show was filmed in 2003 but broadcast in 2004. This series was re-telecasted on MediaCorp TV Channel 8 on every Saturday, 11am to 1pm and has since ended its re-run on 31 January 2009.

Beautiful Temptation 2004

《아름다운 유혹》은 대한민국 KBS의 드라마이다. 2004년 4월 19일부터 10월 30일까지 방영되었다.

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