Jumping 1984

A boy walks down the street and as he goes along his strides increase. Eventually he leaps over towns, forests, and oceans, seeing many things and surprising many people along the way.

Jumping 1986

"Semper Vivax" is not just another retirement home. The guests there get their best real-life memories played out for them.

Jumping the Broom 2011

Two very different families converge on Martha's Vineyard one weekend for a wedding.

Jumping Ship 2001

Joseph, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence (TV's Brotherly Love) star in this thrilling, action-packed sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense. It's first-class adventure on the high seas for Michael Woods (Joseph Lawrence) and his cousin (Andrew Lawrence) when they charter a private yacht for a fun-filled cruise off the coast of Australia. But the yacht turns out to be a broken-down fishing boat complete with rusting hull! When they find themselves being chased by modern-day pirates, they decide that Jumping Ship with the boat's captain Jake Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) is the only option. Stranded on a desert island without any conveniences from home, these three castaways must work together as a team if they hope to survive and be rescued.

Jumping Jacks 1952

Hap Smith, nightclub entertainer, has a new act since his former partner Chick Allen joined the army: with lovely new partner Betsy Carter, Hap plays a clownish parody of a soldier. Meanwhile, Chick is organizing a soldier show at Fort Benning and finds he needs his old partner's help. To get onto the base, Hap impersonates a hapless real soldier, Dogface Dolan; but circumstances force them to prolong the masquerade, creating an increasingly tangled Army-sized snafu.

Jumping the Blanket 1895

Four men stand holding what appears to be a blanket, while one wearing a hat stands watching. A sixth man then runs towards them and attempts to jump into the blanket.

Jumping Ash 1976

Po-Chih Leong's debut film was a trendsetter in Hong Kong cinema. Shot from the shoulder, the fast-moving world of cops, informers, drug dealers and other crooks are evoked in a very lively and realistic way. The action all takes place in carefully selected locations, among them the walled city of Kowloon and Yuen Long. The film looks like a documentary and evokes the kind of excitement usually seen in news programmes. The story focuses on the battle between two gangs and starts in Amsterdam, where one of the gang leaders is murdered.

Jumping Beans 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon from the dawn of sound cartoons with a lot of well-timed gags, even if they average more Western than Mexican. There is also a single gag referring to Mexican jumping beans.

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom 2008

As Noah and Wade prepare to marry in Martha's Vineyard, the personal problems of their friends - and the unexpected arrival of rapper Baby Gat - threatens to permanently end their relationship.

Jumping Over Thorns 1999

Luksong Tinik shows how Beth Pineda, a loving single mother involved in illegal activities as courier for a fake passport syndicate, is dragged into a media frenzy. She gets caught between the truth, too much deadly information and the manipulative media. Like the game of luksong tinik (jumping over thorns), her situation becomes more dangerous as the leaps get higher.

Jumping Over Puddles 1971

This Czechoslovakian children’s film takes place during the last days of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The young son of a horse trainer loves nothing more than riding his horse, until he is stricken by polio…

Jumping Off Bridges 2006

When a 17-old boy loses his mother to suicide, he struggles with her death and the secret that plagued their family.

Jumping for Joy 1956

A man buys a greyhound and enters it in a major race, but discovers the dog has one paw in the grave. As our hero nurses the pooch back to health, he also gets mixed up with criminals who want to fix the race by doping dogs.

Jumping with Toy 1957

A hungry fox disguises himself as Santa Claus, and arms himself with deadly gifts, hoping to make a duck dinner out of Baby Huey.

Jumping With Jussi 2006

Jumping with Jussi is an instructional movie for freestyle jumping. It's impossible to cover every single trick, so we decided to go with my favorites. From the beginning to the more technical 900's, there is something for everyone! I teamed up with Mack Dawg Productions to ensure the very best film quality. We cover every possible angle so you get the clear vision what I'm talking about.

Jumping For Joy 2002

Bobbie Dean is a great basketball player who takes a rag-tag bunch of boys and turns them into a real team. But There's one big problem, Bobbie is a girl and the boys don't know it. It's 1964 when girls aren't allowed to play boys basketball. Are Bobbie's dreams worth sacrificing to help her team win a state championship?

Hurdle Jumping; by Trained Dogs 1899

"An exhibition of Prof. Leonidas's trained animals. A cat is stretched across two chairs, and a number of dogs of different breeds jump over her."

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